3d Nails Art

For 3D nails the procedure is simple. Follow below steps to get it right.
1. Take all necessary supplies and keep it close to hand. You’ll need basic stuff like adhesive and nail polish. You can use readymade ornaments, it’s easy to work with them.
2. Clean your nails. Before applying nail polish coat make sure you remove stains of past nail polish coats.
3. First apply a base coat and allow it to dry. After that paint a thin coat of glitter over it. Women prefer to apply top-half of the nail with a coat of glitter while few other uses a dark or light shade.
4. Apply a small amount of adhesive on the crystal or acrylic nails and smartly paste it onto your nails. Avoid using too much use of adhesive.
5. To finish it off apply a topcoat of nail polish containing 3D elements.
And that’s it your 3d nail designs are ready.

3d Nails Art Images






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