Bedroom Interior Design ideas

Bedroom Interior Design

1. Hang your lamp.
Want to skip the bedside table or keep your table space free? Then you’d better hang your lamp.

Bedroom Interior Design

2. Get a console table for your bed that doubles as a shelf and a desk.
It’s also perfect for those days when you just want to eat breakfast in bed.

Bedroom Interior Design tips

3. Make Use of the back of your door.
Get a four towel rack and hangs on the back of your small bedroom door. Then you can hang towels and things to make use of that corner.

bedroom designs door

4. And use every corner of space.
You can hang stuff on this rod.

bedroom designs every-corner

5. Build A Corner Shelf.
They don’t have to be invasive, and they can hold anything, including your kid’s chalk for the chalkboard wall.

bedroom designs-corner-shelf

6. More corner tricks: Hang some hangers.
While saving closet space, you can turn your prom dress into decoration.

bedroom designs-Hang-some-hangers

7. Desks Doing Double Duty as Nightstands
Instead of trying to fit a nightstand and desk together in one room, take one table completely out of the equation and set up a small sized desk bedside instead to keep a dual duty bedroom comfortable.

bedroom interior designs Desks-Doing-Double-Duty-as-Nightstands

8. Or, use your desk instead of a footboard
So you can save more space for your bigger laptop.

bedroom interior design use-desk-instead-of-footboard

9. Prop up your bed on Power Bed Risers.
A place for everything, and everything in its place – easier said than done in a small bedroom. But with a little ingenuity and the right tools, you just get the extra storage space.

bedroom interior design-Prop-up-your-bed

10. Or hack for a storage bed
Go for a high bed with tons of drawers and you could not be happier with the way it turned out!

bedroom interior design storage-bed

11. Go for a bed with storage out of milk crate.
This is super-cheap route but there is no shame in that, especially for students. Now you can have a sweet dream not having to worry about where to put all of those boxes and storage crates.

bedroom interior design-milk-crate-bed

12. Make your own hanging hamper.
Your dirty underthings deserves a better place than the floor.

bedroom interior design-hanging-hamper

13. Under-bed storage.
This is a small space DIY to get extra storage, which is clever, easy, and also cheap.

bedroom interior design-Under-bed-storage

14. Float tables can create an illusion of space.
So let’s make a contemporary and budget friendly floating table

bedroom interior design-Float-tables-

15. Desks and dressers can also float.
Let’s follow Maggi’s instructions to create a custom desk area, ok

bedroom interior design-float-desks-dressers

16. Hunt down oodles of old drawers into stackable shelves.
By turning cast-off objects into creative storage under, over, and beside the bed, you can also shape up this space without sacrificing style.

bedroom interior design-stackable-shelves

17. Headboard-less bed in favor of a few inches of more floor space.

bedroom interior design-Headboard-less-bed
18. Offset your bed from the wall and create a closet behind it.

bedroom interior design-Offset-your-bed

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