Blue Nail Art Designs

Different people are using different nail art designs now-a-days, as they are so conscious about their nail art designs.  No doubt, new nail art ideas are developing and replacing the previous old fashioned techniques with every passing day. Although there are number of new techniques are available nail art, but still you should make a choice carefully. Use of blue color for nail art designs is common and no doubt the best option for young girls. Blue is the color, when applied on nails, looks very attractive. Its revolutionary color among Wedding Nail Art Designs.

Another benefit of this color is that there are additional shades in blue. You can choose any one among them. You can also apply two or three different blue color shades on single nail in the form of stripes. This design also surprises the viewers. You can use blue color nail polish as base. You can also use blue color in combination with other colors. In short blue color is essential in nail art as it has an attractive and cool touch and your nails really looks charming in any gathering.

There is variety of blue color nail polishes including navy blue, turquoise blue, copper sulphate blue, cobalt blue, sky blue etc. A lot of creative designs are also available that uses blue color.  These designs are for your convince and you can choose anyone according to your desire. Here are few of them:

French Designs:

These designs are becoming very popular. You need to use light shade of blue color. Paint your nails at tips and leave the rest part of nail empty. It gives shinny look. You may also leave your nail tips empty and paint blue color at the other remaining part of your nails.

  • Combination of Blue, Black and Silver Colors:

Combination of blue with black and silver colors makes an outstanding nail art design. These three color best support each other and increases the overall effect of design. You should first paint your nails with blue polish as base. Then add some simple designs with black color. Finally, paint the tips with silver color. You can use any other design also.

  • Blue Ladybug Designs:

This idea is very famous in nail art designs. It makes your nails looks like small ladybug beetle having a mixture of two colors. Although, the actual colors of ladybug are different, but you need to use different colors. These colors are blue and black. First you can paint blue color, and then you need to make vertical stripes originating from tip of nail to back. You can also use small and medium sized dots of black color instead of making vertical stripes.

  • Crystal Floral Art:

Use of rhinestone as crystal art makes your nails pretty and glamorous. First you would paint your nails with blue color. Then add small flower design by using white color. Finally you would stick single rhinestone in the centre of your nails.

  • Micro Beads Design:

In this design micro beads are used that makes your nails shinny and attractive.  These beads are available in different colors. You would first paint your nails with blue color. After that you can add blue caviars to your nails in order to make them unique.

  • Polka Dots with Blue Color:

These Nail art designs include designs having blue color with polka dots. In this design you need to paint your nails with light colors first. Then, you need to create small blue color polka dots on entire nails with the help of dotting tool.

  • Blue Paisley:

This design best suits with the same colorful design dressing. You would draw paisley flower designs on nails after polishing them with blue base color.

  • Blue Velvet:

This idea specifies that you should first paint your nails with simple blue color and then you would give them velvet touch to make them soft looking and shinny.

  • Leopard design With Blue Color:

Another marvelous design for nails art designs is leopard design with blue color. Again, you need to paint your nails with blue color and finally draw leopard design on nails to make them special.

  • Stripes Design:

You can use stripes design with either different shade of single blue color or with combination of black, white colors having blue color as base color. Finally, put paint stripes on blue color nails

  • Rose Design with Blue and Green Colors:

Blue and green color combination makes your nails good looking. You, just need to make rose, flower designs by using blue and green colors.

  • Snake design:

Blue color makes this design awesome. You just need to paint your nails in such a pattern that present a snake skin designs. These Nail Art Designs are also called stoking nail art designs.

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