Cartoon Nail Art Designs

Do you see anyone having nail art designs of cartoons? If yes, then it’s good, but if your answer is no, then you would surprise to know that these designs are also becoming popular in the world. Besides other classic and modern variety of stylish nail art ideas, these childish style Nail Art Designs, obtaining a considerable place in the nail art gallery.

People like to make these designs on their nails and feels happiness and pleasure to show their nails to other people.One major reason for the popularity of these cartoon designs is that they try to recall the childhood memories of people. As almost all of us loved the cartoons in our childhood and create images of our favorite cartoon characters on different objects like books, etc. In addition to this, we also try to imitate their features in our childhood. Now we are in either in adulthood stage or in start of old age. Sometimes it is pleasurable that we recall our childhood memories so, for this purpose designing cartons on your nails is one of the best options.

Ideas and Designs:

If you are interested in cartoon style nail art design ideas, then there is a lot of fascinating variety for you in this regard. The best option is that you should decide by yourself that which cartoon character you would pick. Either your childhood favorite character was Barbie, Power puff girls, Disney princess, Super heroes, Lorax or any other character.

Once you have decided your favorite character than next step is how you should apply these characters on nails.

Application of Characters:

As you have selected your favorite character, now the next step is to apply this character in the shape of suitable Nail Art Designs on your nails. For this purpose your first choice may be to do it by yourself. In such case you should have a little know-how of nail art.

First, you arrange all the necessary elements that would be used in creating designs. You should keep a suitable combination of colors, dotting tools, glitters, suitable rhinestones and evens stamping kit with you. Then you would start the process in the following ways.

01-First of all you should paint your nails a suitable base color. For this purpose you can use any color that you desire like red, light blue, purple. But pale colors would be more suitable as base colors. You can also apply separate base color on one or two nails.

02- Then you would pick suitable dotting tool and select a suitable nail polish for making a design. You would carefully draw a cartoon design that is related to the character you have picked. Now, again here is a tip for you. You should only draw a face of the cartoon on your nail. It would show a more attractive image for your nails because the size of nails is not so enough to draw a complete body of any cartoon.

03-  You can follow French Nail Art Designs tips in order to give your nails a unique and attractive look. In this regard, you would draw cartoons on the tip area of nails and keep back part of your nails simple. You can also draw more than one image on your all nails or you can make a cartoon on your two or three nails while keeping your other nails in a simple design.

04-  Another innovative way may be and you should draw a separate design of your favorite cartoon on each of your nail in a different mood e.g. Once you  create a face of cartoons in a happy mood on one of your fingernails, then on  the next one, you should draw same cartoons face in a sad mood and similarly in the third fingernail you can give your cartoon face a different moods of anger.

05-  There are some additional methods that can give your nails a marvelous look. For this purpose, you can use stickers that contain stylish images of your favorite cartoon character. These stickers are very easy to use and give an image of being originally painted.

06-  You would finally put some glitter on your designed nails in order to give then shininess.

07-  You can also apply some additional rhinestones on your nails for making them perfectly designed to attract the attention of other people.

08-  Another simple way to draw a cartoon Nail Art Design is through stamping kit. In this method you should stamp your nails with a pre-selected design that is already present on your stamp. These were the different useful ways that are helpful to do exercise with you. But if you are not fully confident then you should consult to a professional beautician for designing the desired carton nail art designs.

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