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How to Make Your Own Nail Dotting Tool

nail art dotting tool  Of course you can go out and buy a nail dotter or even a set of them; but not everyone has the money or wants to spend money on such things if they don’t have to.  You likely already have a few great resources lying around your room or home that you can use … [Read more...]

How To Paint Your Nails Tips

How To Paint Your Nails Best method  For Beginners How To Paint Your Nails Its very easy to do it if you know exact method in less time First remove previous nail polish. How to do it ? Take a small cotton balls and stretch it nail polish powder two to three times until … [Read more...]

How To Fix Broken Finger Nails With A Tea Bag

How To Fix Broken Finger Nails hello girls welcome back again now Iam going to give simple tutorial how to fix broken nail with a tea bag. it was very easy method which any one can do it in few minutes of time. Actually if nail is broken we cant apply any nail designs to it. … [Read more...]

How To Stop Biting Your Nails Ways To Cure

how to stop biting your nails  :Nails biting is became most common habit in most of us. it starts from childhood and stay with us adulthood too. in childhood we think its not a big issue but its a very bad habit. recent analysis from dermatologists says that nail biting will … [Read more...]