3d Nails Art

For 3D nails the procedure is simple. Follow below steps to get it right. 1. Take all necessary supplies and keep it close to hand. You’ll need basic stuff like adhesive and nail polish. You can use readymade ornaments, it’s easy to work with them. 2. Clean your nails. Before … [Read more...]

Stiletto Nails Art Designs

How many types of nails you have observed in nail art designs? The number would definitely be more than one. There are so many varieties of nails in the Nail Art Gallery. Either you have seen short nails or long nails. Rounded tip nails and pointed tip nails are also … [Read more...]

Blue Nail Art Designs

Different people are using different nail art designs now-a-days, as they are so conscious about their nail art designs.  No doubt, new nail art ideas are developing and replacing the previous old fashioned techniques with every passing day. Although there are number of new … [Read more...]

Cartoon Nail Art Designs

Do you see anyone having nail art designs of cartoons? If yes, then it’s good, but if your answer is no, then you would surprise to know that these designs are also becoming popular in the world. Besides other classic and modern variety of stylish nail art ideas, these childish … [Read more...]

Wedding Nail Art Designs Ideas

For Wedding Nail Art Designs you need to know all the perfect and latest nail art ideas. As wedding is very occasional and important event in life. Especially for bride this ceremony is of immense importance because she is primary pride of the whole ceremony and be observed by … [Read more...]