Christmas Candy Cane Nails Designs

candy cane nails Those who love and celebrate the Christmas holiday, usually also love engaging in all of the fun activities that surround Christmas and throughout the month of December.   One way to show your holiday spirit is by painting your nails with a cute holiday inspired design.  In this post, we’re going to show you how to easily create a candy cane nail design that will get lots of compliments and can be re-done whenever with ease.  First, you need to gather the necessary colors and tools; or you may choose to adapt the design to suit your own color wishes.

You Will Need The Following Things To Do Candy Cane Nails :

  • A bright white nail polish
  • Some red glitter nail polish
  • Some clear polish
  • A striper tool (optional)
  • Nail Polish Remover (in case you mess up!)
  • A Q-Tip (optional)

If you aren’t working with a blank slate already, you should start by removing all previous nail polish and cleaning and prepping your nails for the candy cane design.  Trim your cuticles, get the nail polish out of all your crevices, and make sure your nails are trimmed properly because this simple design will get lots of attention and questions.  If you’re using fake nails, then you won’t have to worry about making sure your nails are trimmed properly, you will only need to make sure that they are securely attached and ready to be painted.  Now let’s look at the easy to follow steps, and refer to the picture if you need to see the completed design.  The steps may not be needed by everyone, but we will list them below for those who need them.

How To Create Candy Cane Nails Design:

  1. Apply a basecoat of bright white to your real or fake nails, and let dry.
  2. Dip your striper tool or use the included brush to make two wide diagonal lines with the red glitter polish.
  3. You may create more than two stripes, and then allow everything to fully dry.
  4. Apply a heavy coat of clear over the top to protect your candy cane nails.
  5. That’s it, you should be done.

Images Of Candy Cane Nails :

Candy Cane Nails

Candy Cane Nails

Candy Cane Nails

Candy Cane Nails

The design may take a couple attempts to get it right, especially if you don’t have a striper tool, or have trouble holding a steady hand.  Practice a few times on somebody else’s nails or a sheet of paper to get good at going through the motions before doing the final design on your own nails.  With the color choices above you can make the traditional white and red candy cane design, or you can go for something more bold and edgy or cute like combining other variations of candy cane colors that are sold in the stores.  The traditional colors however will be much more recognized and the simple design is very glamorous.

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