French Tips for Nail Art Designs

Are you tired of using old fashioned nail art designs? Have you any desire for fascinating nail art designs that would make your nails attractive? If such questions affect you then here is a big opportunity for you to know some heart touching nail art ideas that would really help you in your manicure. These awesome ideas guide you not only in normal social gathering events, but also useful for Wedding Nail Art. These Ideas include the French manicure tips that you can apply on your nails and find attractive and awesome nails look by adding confidence and value to your personality.

The origin of French tips is not clearly confirmed. Some people think that these ideas originated from Holland while others consider their origin from Paris. Whatever their origin may be, the actual fact is their usefulness and popularity among public. Almost all French tips are based on the basic idea of designing, either at the tips or at the back part of nails, or on both parts separately. These techniques are easy to use and you can also try them by yourself at home, whenever you are thinking about to join any of your friend’s party or trip etc.

French Tips Diversity:

French tips have so much diversity that can be attracted by any one. Following are different French tips that are parts of our nail art gallery.

01-One simple tip is related to color selection that you would apply on your nail tips. You can use any proper color in this regard like red, pink, blue, purple, green etc.

02- Another tip states that you would keep your tips white, but makes the tip of your ring finger some different color that gives a different look.

03- You can also give a unique touch to your nails by painting a separate color on each nail tip. This would result in a marvelous style.

04- While designing your tips, you would also use some glitter or metallic color that would make your nails shiny.

05- Another sophisticated idea is to paint your tips of your nails white color, but make a line of shiny gold or silver color at the point where white color touches to natural nail color.

06- You can also have the option to add additional rhinestones on your nail tips. Rhinestones are best for long nails, but you can also use them in short nails. You can use a single rhinestone on each nail, suitably on the right corner of the tip. You can use single embellishment on three adjacent finger nails or you can use any pattern according to your creativity and desire.

07- One more awesome tip is to make a flower design on your front part of nail or you can also draw any interesting cartoon character etc.

08- You can also make a flower design in such a way that half part of the flower would be drawn on your nails and it would result in an awesome look that your outer corner of your nail would show the center of the flower.

09- You can also make design of any liked animal on your nails.

10- Another suitable French tip is to make a diagonal design on your nails. You would draw a diagonal line on your nails and paint a separate color on each side. This would result in an attracting and stylish look.

11- You can also make stripes on your nails. Either you would follow a rounded pattern or you would make a design in a vertical pattern. Whatever pattern you would choose, make parallel stripes by using more than one color.

12- You have another option to use stickers on your nails. There are enormous delighted designs that are available in the market in the form of stickers. You can select any one according to your wish and may apply the selected one on your nails. No doubt, it would be a great nail art idea.

How To Apply French Tips

Once you have selected any suitable French nail art design, the next thing is, how would you apply the selected design? For this purpose you have two options. First is to consult to any professional beautician, who would help you in this regard. For this decision you should remember one thing that you would also take a picture of selected design to the salon.

The second option is that you would apply such design by yourself. For this purpose you need some care regarding the availability of suitable colors, presence of proper nail art designing tools, etc. Because your nails are precious and Nail Art Designs play a prominent role in building your image among the people.

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