Gel Manicure Instructions

Gel manicure is one of nail treatment that usually use gel to embellish the nail with various of colors that suits with tastes each. But barely of he or she loved to choose colors whose reflection about natural colors. Gel manicure known that its long-lasting and chip resistant hence much of folks fall in love to gel manicure. Gel manicure can obtain in professional salon, sure that you must choose professional and expert salon to attain nice nail concomitance still keep health of the nails. Be careful on use gel manicure caused it also have pros and cons.

Gel Manicure

If you are beginner on gel manicure, you ought to go to nail techinician to gain maximum nail treatment and it can help you to know how the ways that nail techinician usually act for their customer. Basically, nail techinican will clean and shapes the nail before coloring. Trim also act by some techinician nail in order to obatin maximum results about gel manicure. After that, nail techinician decide to apply base coat atop each nails, after dry it continued by apply several coat polish to the nails. Then, your nails will put under the small ultraviolet lamp to make nail polish harden. Last, nail technician will apply top coat.

To keep gel manicure always nice and pretty, you must be diligently take care of. Re-apply them if you have desire, its can give you more bright and long lasting gel manicure applied. Maybe you wanna know about how to remove gel manicure, you melery need to make able about the materials that you need to act it. Acetone and cotton is foremost, soak your nails into aceton liquid for several minutes and then make wet the cotton with acetone, apply wet cotton on your nails and let them work for several minutes. Don’t too long caused it can give damage of your skin. Princiapally, be careful on embellish and doing treatment of your nails.

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