Happy Nails Art Designs

Happy Nails – Today’s post doesn’t need any introduction, it totally depends on your mood whether you want to visit nail salon and wait several hours for your turn to come and the designs can be very exasperating especially on a busy day. Most important thing is that you really want a nail designs that can completely fit on you, but the design created by manicurist is completely unlike. If you want to make nails happy it can be done effortlessly, just by using the nail products which can be easily apply. Take a nail polish and apply it over your nails. If you’re just learning how to design nails, then you can use color sticks and dazzle pens which can easy to hold and makes design accurate. Let’s start with a dot and encircled it with another five dots. Now draw some leaves over the side and put veins curve over the base of the nail. And finally apply top coat of color nail polish.

Happy Nails


Happy Candy Nails


Mint and Blue Nails




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