How To Apply Shellac Manicure

Nowadays, plenty of women that have an obsession to embellish her nail with treatment that basically we called it manicure, manicure also have much of design among decor nail with acrylic nor gel. But at the moment, decorate nail have new way to attain pretty nail, with comb among imitation nail with nail paint that suit for consumer’s desire. The results of that is glossy nail that can survive for along time about two weeks. For women who crush much about nail design, maybe nothing nicer than nail with shellac manicure.

How To Apply Shellac Manicure

Shellac manicure actually enough complicated to diy but that is not mistake if you wanna diy. Because shellac manicure is so interesting and fascinated, maybe you preferably to follow and read this article that want to explain about ways to applying shellac manicure. Firstly, you proper to make able among shellac colors that suits your taste, based and top coat, UV or LED nail lamp. You must to clean your nail each in order there are not rough edges of your nail surface to can doing next ways easily. After that, if desired you may make your nails so neat and good to obtain perfectness, then applying base coat atop your all nails, make it about 1-2mm. Next, you must put your hand bottom UV or LED nail lamp to make it dry. After that, you can continued coloring your nails by shellac that you havebeen chosen. As the same before, after you applied all in your nails, you have to put hand bottom UV or LED nail lamp. You can repeat before ways namely re-coloring your nail with shellac if you have desired about it to attain bright color, last you have to applied top coat and continued by put hand bottom UV or LED nail lamp again. Finish!

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 Pretty nail with shellac manicure can obtain with little of patient and creativity. So, you ought to patient and be creative to get optimum results of nail design.

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