How To Do Manicure At Home

How To Do Manicure At Home When you extend your hand for a shake, its appearance tells everything about you. Nice clean hands with pared nails look delightful and admirable. It doesn’t require miracle to achieve such hands. Manicure is the answer. And guess what, you do not have to rush to a salon for getting a manicure done. Instead of taking out a few hours of your precious time to visit the manicurist, you can easily take out a few minutes and do a manicure with things available around the house. Once your hands are manicured, all you need is a little natural oil to keep it moisturised.

How To Do Manicure At Home Do It Yourself

Not every person has the time or money to have a manicure done at the salon. With simple things available around the house, you can do it yourself with results that will surprise you. First, a list of things you need:

  1. A small bowl of warm, soapy water.
  2. A small hand towel
  3. A nail file,
  4. Cotton wool,
  5. Coconut oil for moisturising,
  6. Nail polish remover and polish

The choice of nail polish has to be made carefully. If you are going to a party, then a choice between slightly darker shades that match your dress for night will do. Violet and purple-based shades look a bit extreme, but if you think these are the shades that describe you best, use them by all means. For daytime occasions, use of lighter shades of pink or pearl will complement any dress combination. For such occasions, prepare your hands a day in advance and apply polish before going to bed so that by morning it has taken the desired form and color.

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How To Do Manicure Steps:

Manicure at home will begin with removal of older nail polish and filing of nails. Take a hard critical look at your fingers. If they are long, you can have long nails. For short fingers, filing your nails to an oval shape is recommended. Filing must be done in a motion parallel to lay of the nail. Filing it across will damage nails.

After you are satisfied with shape of your nails, work to make your hands soft and supple. Soaking hands in soapy water for about two minutes will do it for you. Remove excess soap with cotton dabbed in nail polish remover. Press back cuticles with towel. Cuticles are delicate so don’t be harsh on them.

Now starts beautification of nails by applying polish. Direct application of polish should be avoided. Use a base coat first, which is a transparent nail polish meant to stop chemical effects of nail polish from reaching nail surface.

Once base coat has dried, apply nail polish of your chosen color. It is prudent to use two light coats applying second coat only after first has dried sufficiently.

After nail polish has dried, pamper your hands with moisturising creams. If you do not have such creams, use coconut oil or olive oil for moisturizing.

You do not have to wait for special occasions for a manicure. If you can do it once a week, you will have hands that every one will want to hold and kiss. Natural products provide for best care rather than chemical based expensive creams. If you have access to natural products like milk cream, coconut oil, olive oil and such, you do not have to look out for pocket piercing commercial products.

How To Do Manicure Tips

  1. Keeping your hands safe from dirt and grime will add to their beauty. Use hand gloves for chores like gardening and washing dishes.
  2. If hands feel tired after all that work, massage them with coconut oil or olive oil. These are good sources of vitamins essential for skin.
  3. If you have to undertake gardening without hand gloves, little soap pieces under nails will stop grime from entering them.
  4. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.
  5. Keep your hands in fingers in shape with occasional exercise of wrists.
  6. A hand massage at the end of day will keep it relaxed and supple.
  7. After doing dishes without gloves, moisturize hands with lotions or natural oils to counter wrinkling effects of detergents.

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