How To Do Pedicure At Home Procedure Tips

How To Do Pedicure At Home The part of our body that bears our burden is often most neglected in terms of upkeep and beautification. We will do well to remember example of peacock. It has beautiful wings and plumage, but ugly feet, which take away the aura of overall beauty. Since feet remain covered all day, we tend to neglect them, not providing enough care and nourishment. The art of caring for feet, legs, and toenails is pedicure. It may not be possible for you to go to a salon every time you need a pedicure. You can always achieve a satisfactory pedicure with things around the house. It doesn’t cost you money, just a little of your effort for pampering your tired feet. Type of footwear available these days leaves your toes and most of feet exposed to dust and pollution. Pedicure will provide gentle care and nourishment to this often neglected part of our body.You might ask your self, do I need to spend time, effort and money for a pedicure? Answer is a huge yes, but with a difference. You may not be able to afford time and money to go to a salon, so this article will provide you with details of how to achieve a pedicure at home using things lying around the house.check : How To Do Manicure At Home

How To Do Pedicure At Home Step By Step Tips

  1. Begin with treating your nails. For this, clip or file toenails. Having overgrown toenails can often be a cause for problem. Filing must be done in the direction of toe itself and not vertically. Finishing touch is provided by slightly rounding at corners attaining shape of toe itself. Those small crevices at sides of toes should be filed or clipped as it can cause infection and lead to ingrown toenail.
  2. Next step in pedicure at home involves softening and washing of feet. For this, you need a basin filled with warm soapy water. Start with soaking one foot and cleaning other one while still dry. Use a foot file or a pumice stone in a gentle circular motion especially working at the heels. Allow foot to stay in water till water turns cool to touch. Remove your foot and compare it with other foot. You will immediately notice the softness and radiance of soaked foot. Repeat same procedure on other foot and notice the difference once procedure is complete.
  3. After water has turned cool to touch, remove them from basin and pat dry with a towel. Once feet have dried, use a cotton swab or orangewood stick for applying cuticle removing products. Use cotton swab to clean under toenails. Now you should work to loosen cuticles. Apply additional solution or just moisten cuticles with water and loosen them. Using a clipper on cuticles is uncalled for and may cause pain and lead to infection. Any extra skin around nails should be removed carefully using cuticle trimmers or clippers.
  4. Once you have taken care of cuticles, remove excess cuticle solution with a soft damp towel. Take some foot cream or lotion between your fingers and massage each toe and foot separately. Use fingers to take out kinks between toes and firmly massage pads under toes. Keep this massage for at least five minutes so that foot cream penetrates skin. If you are not satisfied with softness of your feet, you can make them even softer by wrapping them in a warm moist towel. This is akin to steaming your face with a warm towel.
  5. After application of foot lotion, excess has to be removed by rinsing feet in a basin full of warm soapy water. Use exfoliating cream to remove excess lotion. Rinse feet thoroughly and dry them.
  6. Carefully wipe each toenail with a cotton swab to remove any traces of exfoliating agent or foot lotion. If required, you can use a cotton roll dabbed in nail polish remover. Next apply a base coat and wait for it to dry completely. After base coat has dried, apply two coats of nail polish of your choicest color. Between two coats, allow for a period for drying.

Final Steps You Must Follow In Pedicure Procedure

  1. While your nail polish dries, massage your feet, ankles and calves with a hand or foot lotion.
  2. The growth of toenails is not very fast. During seasons when feet remain mostly covered, a pedicure at home twice a month will keep them in nice shape. However, during summer months, when feet are exposed to various factors, a weekly pedicure will reap rich dividends.

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