How To Paint Your Nails Tips

How To Paint Your Nails Best method  For Beginners

How To Paint Your Nails Its very easy to do it if you know exact method in less time

First remove previous nail polish. How to do it ?

Take a small cotton balls and stretch it nail polish powder two to three times until the cotton ball is completely  soaked  with the nail polish remover powder

How To Paint Your Nails

Now take that cotton ball and press it on nail which is painted with nail polish and wait 10 to 15 seconds so that your previous nail polish will be removed completly

How To Paint Your Nails

This is the best method to remove nail polish

Now prepare a bowl of hot water

How To Paint Your Nails

and then add lemon juice to it

How To Paint Your Nails

Note : one hand soak  = 1 cup warm water and 1/2 lemon juice

Is very easy to do it

So now soak your hands in the bowl of hot water and lemon content . so that your nails get cleaned.

How To Paint Your Nails

Now push back your nail skin

So this way you can clean your nails easily

Now apply a base polish to it before applying nail polish

how to paint nails

Its time to apply  nail polish its very simple tricky method which most of us will forgot to do it.

Dip a brush in nail polish and swipe it on one side just work with one side nail polish

how to paint nails

Its a great technique

  • Dot

Create  a dot

how to paint nails

  • Push

Push to upword area

how to paint nails

  • Pull

Now pull down to bottom of nail

how to paint nails

  • Side/side

And now apply both sides of nail

how to paint nails

So this way we can make it beautiful with very easy method

how to paint finger nails

How To Paint Your Nails Recommendations :

  • Is you worried about your skin about polish don’t worry i have a better idea .
  • Use liquid latex around the nail so that it prevents polish to stick to your skin
  • After applying the nail polish you can remove the liquid latex  and now apply Diy cuticle oil aroung the nail so that your skin is safe from liquid latex.
  • I really hope you girls enjoy this tutorial  any quries feel free to comment it in below box


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