How To Stop Biting Your Nails Ways To Cure

how to stop biting your nails  :Nails biting is became most common habit in most of us. it starts from childhood and stay with us adulthood too. in childhood we think its not a big issue but its a very bad habit. recent analysis from dermatologists says that nail biting will leads to a tissue damage. by this growing of nails will stop.  and also by bacteria and very harm full gems spread to your mouth from nail.

how to stop biting your nails

how to stop biting your nails

Tips To How To Stop Biting Your Nails

some more reasons why we must stop nail biting are mentioned below:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Ingrown nails
  • Pain
  • It shows your anxieties to others
  • Warts

So now learn the best ways to stop biting nails. working methods

Trim Nails Short:

We bite nails when we feel anxiety or stress then automatically hand moves towards mouth to bite it. so for every two weeks trim your nails short so that your are unable to bite it. i say this very good choice to get rid of it.

Some times we are unable to cut the nails because of no time and other problems. so lets go for options

Use Anti Nail Biting Polish :

Paint any anti nail biting polish regularly by this you can stop biting nail. because it tastes very bad so that your consuiously takeoff your hand from mouth. trust me by this your never want to bite again.

Use Fake or Artificial Nails :

This fake nails just stickers stick it to your finger nails. they looks very beautiful and stay very strong also. so choose this option also to get rid of it.

Nail art designs:

Paint it with acrylic or gel nail polish it looks pretty and tastes worst so you cant bite it again.

Keep Hands Busy :

Most of people bite nail when they feel anxiety so when you feel anxiety keep the ahnds busy by doing any work or playing with figures etc.

Example :

Take coin with you and play with it to keep hands busy.

keep mouth busy :

talk to any one or sing a song which reliefs from your stress and anxiety. some other ways .

carry chewing gum with you and chew it regularly and keep mouth busy.

How To Stop Biting Your Nails Conclusion :

by following above methods you can get rid of it. but while using nail art method becarefull you should not bite them because they are very harm full polishes. and when your suffering with this habit never use chemicals like acetone to wash your hands.

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