Jamberry Nails Application Tips for Long Lasting Results

Jamberry Nails Application Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Jamberry Nails??? Okay, I probably have. : ) I believe 100% in the product, quality, and opportunity that Jamberry provides. The biggest selling points to me are definitely the affordability, variety, and ease of use.

However… I will be honest and admit that for some folks, ease of use comes with a little bit of “practice.” On my Jamberry journey, I have discovered that application gets a little bit easier, faster, and prettier each time I do it.

I thought I’d use this post today to discuss some Jamberry Nails application tips and see if I can help anyone out there that might be experiencing any minor “glitches” with their application. So, here we go with some. . . .

Jamberry Nails Application Tips

Tip #1 — Use enough heat and pressure.

If your Jamberry Nails are not lasting the two weeks that they should, the number one culprit is almost always related to not using enough heat and pressure. Both of these things are VITAL to making your Jamberry Nails last! Jamberry Nails are heat and pressure activated and not using enough of either can cause your nails to not last as long as they otherwise would. Heat and pressure are needed to ensure the all important water tight seal of the shield to the nail.

Tip #2 — Consider using a small heater for heating your adhesive.

Some people find using a blow dryer a bit cumbersome when trying to heat nail adhesive. I purchased a small personal heater at Walmart for $12 and find it really handy when heating each nail shield. To me it’s just a lot easier than juggling the blow dryer and I seem to get better adhesion because of it. Whatever works for you is just fine — just thought I’d pass this tip along.

Tip #3 — Do not let applied nail shields touch cuticles or skin.

Jamberry Nails Application When sizing your shields, always remember that it is better to have a shield that is slightly too narrow than one that is too wide. If any part of the shield does overlap the cuticle or skin around your nail, trim away the excess with small scissors. The shields will not adhere to cuticle or skin and this will prevent a watertight seal.

Tip #4 — Store your Jamberry Nails at room temperature.

Because the nail shield adhesive is heat activated, you want to store your Jamberry Nail sheets at room temperature to avoid compromising the adhesive.  Avoid leaving your shields for long periods of time in the car, mailbox or direct sunlight where temperatures can sore.

Tip #5 — Use Isopropyl alcohol to clean your nails.

During the application process I HIGHLY recommend using 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean and dry out your nail beds. This removes any oil residue on your nails and nail beds that might affect adhesion.

Tip #6 — Avoid touching the adhesive side of the nail shields with your fingers.

I HIGHLY recommend using tweezers to heat and position your shields. If you use your fingers, the natural oils on your fingertips can easily transfer to the adhesive and inhibit the “stickiness” of the shield.

Don’t rush your Jamberry Nails application.

My last recommendation is simply to take your time with application. I know we’re all busy. Heaven knows I am, but a little bit of time is a small price to pay for amazing nails! Remember that with Jamberry Nails there is no drying time like with polish, so spend the extra time applying your Jamberry Nails using proper technique. I guarantee you’ll love the results – and, you’ll get faster each time you apply.

I certainly don’t expect everyone to have difficulties applying their Jamberry Nail Shields. In fact, 95% of my customers don’t. But more information is always better than not enough, and for that reason I have created pages on my website that detail proper application and removal as well as a page dedicated solely to troubleshooting. I want everyone to enjoy their Jamberry Nails as much as I do! Jamberry Nails Application


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