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Blouse Designs ! there are many latest blouse designs  catergory found in the market like designer blouse, Chiffon blouse & wedding blouse. The combination of saree and blouse reflects the femininity and sexuality. Even though you wear a beautiful saree,  its of no use if you don’t have a matching  and fit blouse for that saree. As today we are talking about trending blouse design which will suit you, wearing saree and blouse you need to take care of many things like the fittings of your blouse, how do you maintain the other accessories & what type of hairstyle do you adopt with the blouse  designs to make it more beautiful. But if you can make it out then wearing saree and blouse will be the best for every women.


When you buy a saree you may get blouse packed with it but that blouse may be not fit with you and the design are the same like chiffon blouse, embroidered blouse etc. But today I’m not talking about this simple blouse designs as there are many other trending blouse design for you today. There are many famous blouse designer who designs the best blouse for every one, so you got nothing to worry about if you are not getting good fitting blouse. So let’s look upon the best and trending blouse design for you that you will obviously like.

Best blouse designs:

  1. Collar neck blouse with transparent neck and sleeve sections:


Collar neck blouse with transparent neck and sleeve is very must suiting to every women. This blouse comes with full sleeve but the sleeves are transparent which will make you look more gorgeous. This type of blouse comes in many different types and colours, it’s type will only differentiate the designs in collar part of the blouse.

  1. Boat neck full sleeve Blouse designs:


This is a new style of boat type blouse. This new style of boat blouse comes with transparent neck and sleeve section. The transparent part of the boat neck blouse includes many beautiful embroideries that are really matching with the blouse and the blouse colours are really awefull.

  1. Brocade Blouse:


Brocade blouse is very popular in giving you a shiny look. This blouse is mainly made up of silky material and in this style of blouse the design of the sleeve is always different then the design of the body of blouse.

  1. Mirror full Blouse:


This type of blouse design is really beautiful with full of mirror design all over the blouse. This design is very unique and stylish with lots of mirror designs in the blouse and do you know this is one of the best blouse design till date and even many stars like to put on this mirror full blouse designs.

  1. Blouse with Lace sleeves:


If you wear blouse then you must know that, lace blouse make you look classy which is really beautiful in every women. This lace blouse comes with net type sleeve  which is one more positive thing in this blouse designs. You can see many actress in movies wears and look beautiful  with this type of blouse design.

  1. Backless blouse designs:


Backless blouse design is very arousing with only a single lace. This blouse designs is very famous in film industry, but this can also be worn by young ladies. This blouse comes in both full and half sleeve with different varities of colours.

  1. Round back blouse with half sleeve:


This blouse is very stunning and is mostly worn by young ladies. This is a new design of blouse which have round back with two hook one at the top and other at the bottom. This is mostly worn by the young generation because this blouse fits only with slim figure and long back.

  1. Shrug with sleevless blouse:


You may have heard about this blouse right? This is a new fashion of wearing a half sleeve blouse with a small shrag on top. This style of wearing looks really beautiful and eye catching, you can’t wear this type of blouse every where as this is styled only for party wear and for photoshoot. This blouse is also for young and slim ladies.

  1. Deep neck blouse :


This blouse is worn maximum by the unmarried Indian ladies so that they can define their style. This blouse have a very deep U  neck and includes lots of beautiful embroidery in the whole blouse. This blouse is styled both for party and house wear and the blouse comes with many beautiful colours.


  1. Closed Neck Blouse:


This close neck blouse is very famous in winter. This blouse is really designed very well with beautiful designs and cuts. Whenever  you wear this blouse with cool saree I’m sure you will look like queen. This blouse design comes in both half sleeve and full sleeve in the market so that you can choose any blouse from it. You can also choose your own colour as there are varity of colours in this type of blouse designs.


  1. High collar blouse:


This blouse is having high collar and comes in full sleeve. This high collar blouse designs have great embroidered done in the neck part of the blouse, the embroidery may be of just glitters or by mirrors. This is worn by maximum women as party wear because this has lot design done in every part of the blouse. Every girl looks stunning wearing this blouse design and this blouse design is commonly called as Maharani design.

  1. Puffy sleeve blouse:


This type of blouse design is mostly used during the era of kings. This blouse has a puffy sleeve in the starting of sleeve which will make you look like princess from the era of king which is very classy and suits with every women.

This are the top 12 trending blouse designs that you will surely like. This blouse are very attractive and gorgeous in designs and colour. As I have said you before if you are wearing blouse and saree then you need to take care of many things like how to maintain your style accessories and hair. If you are to look gorgeous with blouse you must know how to maintain the above things. So this is all the trending designs for you, thanks for reading the article patiently till the end.


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