Nail Tips – Care For Your Healthy Nails

Nails are a mirror to one’s health. If you have pink and sparkling nails, you are in pink of health. Beautiful nails add a spark to the beauty of your hands. We do love to have our nails appear in consonance to our complete outlook. For that, we sometimes employ methods that might end up damaging nails. Following the tips in this article will ensure healthy and beautiful nails forever. The basic nail tips involves keeping your nails moisturized and flexible. If they are hard, there is a greater chance of breaking them accidentally.

Below Are Some Basic Nail Tips:

If you like to keep your nails short, use emery paper to shorten them instead of clipping. This would enhance the life of your nails.

Tips of your nails can be protected by a daily application of top coat.

Nail Polish removers are biggest enemies of your nails. Using them frequently can make your nails dry and brittle.

Washing of hands with soaps usually makes the nails go dry. A hand cream or a moisturizing lotion can keep them soft and flexible.

Just like the nails, cuticles need to be kept moisturized. This should be done with an appropriate hand cream.

Use of sharp edged instruments to remove nail polish is asking for trouble. This is akin to self destruction. It can easily remove the protective enamel layer from the nail and lead to infections.

That awful habit of nail biting works like a double edged sword. First of all, it spoils your nails, and secondly, it pushes harmful bacteria directly in your mouth which further leads to other health problems.

A manicure is always a good method of keeping your nails in shape. Done after a shower or a bath, it will keep nails healthy and soft.

Nail Tips – Do’s & Don’ts

  1.  In order to avoid getting polish on the cuticles, apply polish with the brush placed closer to cuticles and then move backwards. The best method is to plan ahead and not do things in a hurry. Applying polish in a hurry will surely paint your cuticles more than the nails themselves. If you have managed to smudge, try to remove it after it dries and peels.
  2.  If your polish has tendency to peel near skin, use a fine grained file near the cuticle to remove top layer of oily enamel. This would allow for better adhesion.
  3.  Keeping the nail polish in refrigerator enhances its shelf life and will not form crusts on application.
  4.  If bubbles form in nail polish container, you can dissolve them by rolling the bottle between your palms rather than shaking.
  5.  There is a misconception that by eating gelatins and taking milk rich in calcium, you can grow healthy nails. Your nails need proteins to grow and not calcium.
  6.  Keep the nail filing to bare minimum. Too much of filing in many directions will reduce the life of nails.
  7.  Use of gloves while doing dishes will keep your hands and nails in top condition.
  8.  If you like to use bleach, do not expose your nails to it.
  9.  Keeping your nails full of moisture can be achieved by use of nail creams. Using your hand cream alone for keeping your nails moist and healthy is not sufficient.
  10.  In winter, keep your hands warm and tender by wearing gloves. Cold and dry weather will turn nails brittle.
  11.  Do not expose your hands to chemicals. This will surely break them.
  12.  Always keep your nails trimmed and clean. Make it a point to remove all that dirt from the nails if you want them to look shiny.
  13.  If you need to use nail enhancements, take a considered opinion about what type of enhancement you are going to need.
  14.  Use of low quality nail polishes not only gives a bad appearance to nails but also can actually damage your nails.
  15.  A manicure should be done with soft instruments and not sharp edged metal instruments.
  16.  Remember, material of your hair and nails is keratin, which thrives on proteins. So the best nourishment for your nails is from foods rich in proteins.
  17.  Filing of nails should be done in single direction always. Filing in various directions will damage the nails

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