Prom Nails Designs

Let’s learn how to do Prom Nail Designs. First paint your nails with a base coat. Next, paint the tips of your nails with one coat of white polish (or any other color of your choice). This doesn’t need to be super neat. Now, use a clear nail polish and blend the inner part of the white tips. Don’t worry if it looks messy we’ll paint over it later, continue with the rest of your fingers. Next, use a sparkle polish and paint over the white coat, slide the brush from above the white tip all the way down. Wait for them to dry, then paint another coat of sparkle on the nails. Wait for them to dry, then paint over the whole thing with a good top coat and you’re ready with beautiful nail designs for prom. You can also paint over the white tip with the sparkle polish one more time after the top coat if you want.

Prom Nail Designs

Prom Nail Designs

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