Stiletto Nails Art Designs

How many types of nails you have observed in nail art designs? The number would definitely be more than one. There are so many varieties of nails in the Nail Art Gallery. Either you have seen short nails or long nails. Rounded tip nails and pointed tip nails are also common.

Fake nails and real nails are also separate category. In sum the final number goes to a larger digit. Each type of nails category should be separately manicured. In narrowing down to a specific single type, stiletto nails are unique in nail art. Stiletto nails are originated since 50s or 60s.  Besides their unique shape, these nails are becoming very popular among the public due to its adoption by recent celebrities. Many women are seriously diverting toward this stylish nail art design.

Stiletto nails are generally long sized nails whose tips are in pointed shape. You might be able to change their shape to some extent on the basis of their length or tip shape. As these unique shapes reflect that they seem apparently dangerous. Their look is like “extreme”. One can be injured by such nails. Therefore, they are also known as cat claws. Nevertheless, many females love this unique style. As Stiletto nails are longer in size, therefore in general, they are fake nails. You can buy them from the market and then apply them on your original nails to get a stylish and attractive look.

  • Useful Designs:

When you select the stiletto nails than there would arise a question that what type of design you should apply to them? There are a lot of fascinating nail art designs that you can apply for this purpose. These designs are given below.

01- For simplest design you would use solid colors. Solid colors make your nails perfect. For this purpose you would use pale colors like sky blue, dim purple etc.

02- You also have the option to use matte colors that are becoming very popular now-a-days. And further use any contrasting bright color nail polish to make a superb design.

03- ­One more suitable design is the use of French tips in nail art designs. You can paint your pointed tips a suitable color and leave back part of nails plain. Or you have also option to paint a simple color on your nails and apply a different contrasting color on tour pointed tips.

04- You can add additional embellishment on your nails for an awesome look. For this purpose rhinestones are very popular and useful. First, you would paint your nails according to any suitable design. Then you would add either single rhinestone in the center of your each nail or you can use more than one rhinestone on a single nail. But the addition of rhinestone should match your design.

05- One idea among nail art ideas for stiletto nails are that you would select any two nails on each hand and then apply to them any desired design. And paint simply on other remaining nails. In this way you would see a new stylish design pattern that looks marvelous.

06- You would have another idea to use stickers on your stiletto nails. There are a lot of different designed Stickers for Nail Art. You would select any suitable design according to your desire. Then you would apply this design on your long pointed nails. This results in increase in attractiveness of your nails.

07- You can make a diagonal design on your nails and paint a different color on each portion. This would result in a new stylish design.

08- You can use a stripe design that would make your stiletto nails fabulous. First paint your long nails any base color. Then choose a contrasting color and make parallel horizontal stripes on tip side of the nails.

09- Another awesome nail art design is making flower designs. When you make a suitable flower design on your nails, your nails show a pleasant and cool effect.

10-  As Stiletto nails are longer in size, so there is a lot of space available on each nail. Therefore, you can create any new design by yourself and apply it on your long pointed nails. In this way you would give your nails a quite new style.

  • How To Apply These Nail Art Ideas

When you have selected any suitable design, the next thing is its application. For this purpose you would consult a professional beautician. You can also do all this process by yourself. You would first buy a fake nail outfit from the market. Then you would set the artificial nails according to the selected shape. Then you would fit those fake nails on your real nails with the help of nail glue. At last step you would now paint your new stiletto nails according to your selected design. In this way you can design your stiletto nails according to perfect Nail Art Designs for stiletto nails.

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