Wedding Nail Art Designs Ideas

For Wedding Nail Art Designs you need to know all the perfect and latest nail art ideas. As wedding is very occasional and important event in life. Especially for bride this ceremony is of immense importance because she is primary pride of the whole ceremony and be observed by almost every member. So you should know the classic and latest fashions in nail art gallery in order to manicure.There a lot of designs those are being used by ladies now-a-days. But you should pick the most perfect Wedding Nail Art Designs that will make you prominent in the event and add value to your personality. When you design your nails with any of these nail art ideas, your nails look too much attractive and pretty. These perfect wedding nail art designs are as follows:

Design of Simplicity:

This is a classic design and shows effect of simplicity. It is also a special design for those that do not like complicated and creative designs. In this design you simply would spread some shiny glitter on your simple nails either on the whole part of nails or at only the tips of nails or at only the back part of your nail.

You can use any shinny color glitter. You can also make a little change by spreading glitter on any one or two nails and make a design of horizontal shiny stripes at the front part of other nail.

Micro Beads Design:

It is another best design in wedding nail art. In this design you would apply shinny micro beads on your nails. It results in caviar like design. These micro beads are available in different colors for your convenience. It is very suitable for a wedding ceremony and you should try it at least once

Lovely Designs:

This category of nail art gallery contains designs whose effects are lovely and a sweetheart. In this design, you would first paint your nails with any suitable base color. After that, you would make any design that shows symbol of love. Such design can be drawing the word “LOVE” on four adjacent nails, one alphabet on each nail, or drawing of small heart on your nails. These designs best suit to brides and make their look pleasant and lovely in front of their grooms.

Lace Designs:

In any wedding ceremony, this design is best to use. By applying this design on your nails, your nail looks awesome and heart touching. It consists of making of design that looks like a lace. You can use nail polish on any color in this regard. You would make any attractive lace design either on the whole part of all your nails or any specified part of all nail. You can also use this design in a little different manner by making lace design on one nail and keep other adjacent nail simple paint.

Addition of Rhinestone:

This design is perfect in wedding nail art. Brides should use it in their marriage ceremony. In this design you would be jewel your nails with additional precious rhinestones. First, you would paint your nails with any base color. Then add additional rhinestones on your nails in any suitable design that your desires. You can stick rhinestones on the whole part of your nails or you can apply a single rhinestone on the center part of nails.

Polka Dots Design:

Polka dot designs are very popular now-a-days. You should apply them on your nails in a wedding ceremony. These designs make your nails good looking at the event. In this design, you would first paint your nails with any suitable base color. Then you would select any suitable contrasting color and draw polka dots on your nails with the help of dotting tool. You can make any random polka design or any sequenced polka design according to your desire. You can either draw polka dots on your selected nails or on all your nails.

French Designs:

This is another perfect class of design to be used in wedding nail art. In this design,  you need to apply some French tips for making your nails cute and glamorous. One tip to design your nails only on the tips and keep the rest part of nail simple. You can also keep the tips of your nails simple and make any suitable design on the rest part of your nail. Another tip is that you would paint half part of your nail any suitable solid color and make any attractive design on remaining part of the nail. You can also draw colorful stripes on front or back part of your nail.

Sticker design:

This is the perfect nail art design that you can use in a wedding ceremony. Its cost is very low. There is a variety of cute stickers available in the market. You can select any suitable design according to your desire.  First, you would color your nails with any base color, especially with black color. Then you would attach the sticker designs on your nails. Certain written Instructions are also provided with these stickers. In short, in Wedding Nail Art Designs; this nail art idea is an excellent option to take into account

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