Why Do Your Gel Nail Polish at Home Tips

gel nails polish tips Doing your gel nail polish at home is a fantastic way to save money and make sure you have phenomenal looking nails all the time. When you’re dependent on a salon to do your nails, you probably won’t do your nails as often as you really want to. Towards the end of your nails’ lifespan, they might start to lose their glow. When you have your own at home kit, that just doesn’t happen. You can do your nails as often as you want, whenever you want.

Best of all? It’s highly affordable. You don’t need to spend $40 or more on each salon visit just to keep your nails looking healthy.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Why should you do your own gel nails instead of doing them at a salon?

No Electric Drills -Gel Nail Polish

The use of electric drills is perhaps the most unpleasant part of getting acrylic nails. It feels bad, it sounds bad and it’s bad for your nails’ health. When you do nail polish at home, you don’t need any kind of drill at all.

No Chemical Smells From Gel Nail Polish

One reason almost nobody does acrylic nails at home is because of the smell. Acrylic nails uses chemicals that have a strong stench that can stink up a whole room. If you’re doing your nails regularly, that smell can even stay in the room. No woman wants that.

With gel nail polish, there’s no scent at all. No matter how often you do your nails, you don’t have to worry about your room smelling.

Easy to Do At Home

Doing your own acrylic nails at home is virtually impossible. Yes, there are kits and yes, you could try. But you’d risk hurting yourself, you have to mess around with a lot of chemicals, the process gets messy and takes a long time. And it’s expensive.

Gel nails on the other hand are a piece of cake to do at home. Kits are affordable and there are only a few components. All you need to do is apply the base coating, then apply a couple layers of the nail polish. Between each application, place your fingernails below the UV light. The whole process can take less than 5 minutes.

A Natural Look That Lasts by Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is designed to look exactly like natural nails. They have a slight shine, just like natural nails, but don’t have that glossy plastic look. Acrylic nails are quite easy to spot when you look at them up close. nail polish on the other hand looks completely natural.

Better yet, this natural look doesn’t wear off over time. With acrylic nails, the longer you wear them the worse they look. With gel nail polish, your fingernails will look pristine for weeks.

 Which At-Home Kit Should You Use?

The ideal kit is one that’s affordable, yet has high quality gels and a high quality UV light. Ideally, you want to use the kit that’s used by fashion models and celebrities, people who’re professionally paid to look their best. Fortunately, that kit is available to the public.

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